kanye west (tmz tussle)*Genius and eccentricity come hand in hand, especially in the entertainment business.

There are few true, true innovators or geniuses that don’t come with a little bit of crazy – Woody Allen, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill.

When you tiptoe on that edge of madness and creativity …. sometimes you fall into the deep end.

Of course, most times the output of these artists’ work is so great you’re able to ignore just how nuts they might be – go ahead, try and take our copy of Purple Rain from us – but in the case of Kanye West, it’s really getting harder and harder to put up with him. It’s really amazing how he’s actively trying to make himself into the most annoying celebrity in the world. The whole Taylor Swift thing at the VMAs? Okay, it was stupid … but that was years ago, and he was, you know, inherently right about the whole thing (Taylor Swift over Beyonce? Really?). We could forgive that, and the music sure helped. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch the Throne and Yeezus are worth forgiving any on-stage disruption.

Since then, though, it’s been nothing but irritating. The whole Kim Kardashian hookup just leaves us with an acrid taste in our mouths; now, it’s really impossible to separate Kanye’s eccentric geniusness from Kim’s vapid, shallow, puzzling fame. Then, of course, there’s the almost total disappearance of his sense of humor. Jimmy Kimmel’s recent and hilarious satirization of Kanye’s arrogant, weird interviews was incisive and flat-out funny – and Kanye reacted like Jimmy had set his mansion on fire.

Honestly. Have a little bit of a sense of humor about yourself Kanye. You’re great, but you’re not saving the world. You’re making music. Oh, and speaking of, why don’t you get back to work, instead of picking fights with talk show hosts? You’ve got to really get going on a masterpiece if you want our forgiveness for this stunt.