us government flag*If anyone still had any faith in the U.S. government’s ability to lead – or even just be merely competent – it’s probably a sure thing that that faith shriveled up like a raisin in the sun.

This can’t be the same institution that we read about in elementary school, can it? It can’t be the same institution that came together to defeat the Nazis and Jim Crow, enacted the New Deal and passed the “Great Society” legislation, is it?

True, there’s always been incompetence and corruption and outright stupidity in the Legislature and Congress. That’s true for every legislative body in every country around the globe throughout the entire length of human history – it just comes hand-in-hand with governing.

However, it’s hard to ever imagine a time where this country’s legislative process has felt so broken and so outright depressing. The entire government was shut down thanks to a right-wing hissy fit, putting up some kind of ridiculous struggle against a law that will help out millions – and a law that has already been declared completely constitutional, all as a show for their paranoid constituents.

Who makes that section of the country up – the ones who actually think this shutdown is a good idea? Just read this article from the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza; it details the shrinking, but vocal, segment of American society that are the ones supporting this tantrum. That’s the small portion of society that’s the behind this giant stalemate – the ones who are so far out of touch with the country, they might as well be living on Pluto. Oh, and the most depressing thing? There’s no way this is going to change anytime soon. You just have to wonder if the people we elect to lead are ever going to, you know, actually do it. Well … I guess there’s always immigration. Canada can’t be too cold this time of year, can it?