Keyshia Cole*Keyshia Cole is known to her fans as one of the few artists who “keeps it 100” at all times, especially when it comes to family.

During her run with BET for the reality show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” we were first introduced to her rocky relationship with her sister Neffeteria Pugh.

Although they have been working on their relationship over the years, things took a turn for the worse when Neffe published her book “Price I Paid,” which painted Cole out to be a less than supportive sister to the new author.

Of course being the opinionated diva that she is, the singer took took to Twitter earlier this year to let out her frustrations. “I need to know I’m not alone! B— talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover? F—– Bogus!”

Well now it seems the sisters have kissed and made it all better. Neffe attended Cole’s Steve Madden shoe launch and tweeted a picture of the sisters together.

the four tops*According to reports, the Four Tops are facing a lawsuit filed by a Detroit-area law firm for the sum of $109,000 in legal fees.

The Detroit News reports that the Southfield firm claims to have provided legal services for the Four Tops, but the group left a balance of $109,156.73. No word from the group’s spokesman, Matt Lee, and the only original member still with the group is Abdul “Duke” Fakir, who was named in the suit.

The group was a key member of the Motown Records family of artists during the Detroit label’s 1960s heyday. The Four Tops’ hits include “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” and “Baby I Need Your Loving.”