evelyn lozada*She has 1.2 million twitter followers, over nine hundred thousand Instagram followers and coined the phrase “non muthafu*kin factor!”

And this is why reality TV star, Evelyn Lozada, wants her own show.

“As far as future seasons, I signed on to do 5 seasons. And this is our fifth. I don’t really see me doing a sixth season. I’m open to doing a spinoff but just not with a cast of women,” she told the Huffington Post.

The “Basketball Wives” (VH1) cast member says there is no show without her. She talks candidly about her abusive relationship with NFL star Chad Ochocinco and why she decided to appear on the show after their public confrontation and divorce.

In a recent interview with Sway in the Morning, Lozada also goes in on cast mate Tasha Marbury for making jokes about the head-butting incident, puts her on blast about the cheating chef cash scandal and says Marbury needs to step her game up.

“We’re six episodes in and you got four thousand followers on Twitter. You aint popin like that. She was trying to be funny and make a mark on the show but it blew up in her face.”

Watch the full interview below.

Meanwhile, the reality personality is tightlipped about her new lover and says her next relationship will remain private.

She’s riding her reality TV stardom all the way to the bank. She is a fitness blogger for the Huffington Post, a fashion contributor for OK! Magazine, an author, a spokesperson for youthH2O and Pearl Bright Teeth Whitening, launched the clothing line Vida Luxe, and stars in the Real Fit Female fitness videos.

Season five of “Basketball Wives” currently airs on Monday nights on VH1.