father of chicago stow-away boy

The father of the 9-year-old stowaway did not want his face to be shown

*Via NBC Chicago) – The father of the 9-year-boy who sneaked onto a Las Vegas-bound plane last week said he had tried to get help for his troubled son but was repeatedly turned away.

“I’m tired of hearing that he’s a minor and there is nothing we can do,” the father said at a press conference on Wednesday. “There must be something someone can do.”

The father appeared at the press conference at the office of anti-violence group MADDADS cloaked in a black hoodie to conceal his identity. He sounded tearful as he expressed his frustration over the incident.

“How do you let a 9-year-child go though security without stopping him?” he said. “He’s not a terrorist. He’s a 9-year old child. How is that possible?”

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