sandra bullock & naja hillIt’s being called the biggest October opening ever!

Over the weekend “Gravity” blasted off to the top of the box office making $55 million.

EURweb associate Naja Hill of BlacktreeTV caught up with one of the film’s stars Sandra Bullock and the director Alfonso Cuarón.

What was the most fascinating thing about delving into the subject matter of outer space and astronauts?

Sandra Bullock: What happens to you when you are basically in solitary confinement, with only your own thoughts and a lot of quite. I realized, I’d never been in complete silence before. When I was locked in that box I was just sitting there for hours. It was just quite. Your mind goes to the craziest places and I don’t know if I liked it but I’m glad I experienced it.

What is the universal theme of this film?

Sandra Bullock: Our tagline is ‘don’t let go’ because that’s what people panic and do when adversity hits. It’s like you try to hold on and control everything but the only thing that’s going to allow you peace in a place of health, is if you let go because there’s nothing you can control.

When the universe – in this characters case – has taken away the most important thing in your life, it made you feel like there was nothing left to live for.  Is there going to be anything that’s going to make you dig deeper to find a reason to try. Even if the outcome isn’t what you want and when you see a human being doing that, you say what is it about human beings that they find that last little kernel to try. It’s amazing!

Was it difficult not having the comfort of another actor for the entire film?

Sandra Bullock: I’ve always had a great appreciation for what people give you. I have a whole new appreciation for it!  In the good sense I was isolated and alone in the film, so here I am isolated and alone on set. I didn’t have to pretend. I had nobody, I had no sound, it was dead silence. All those weird and lonely sensations come into play and helped.

What do you want the audience to feel after seeing the movie?

Alfonso Cuarón: The core of the film is about adversity and the possible outcome as a rebirth. Hopefully, people invest their own emotional experience and through the catharsis of cinema maybe they reach this amazing healing process that is the rebirth.

How do you sift through the technicalities and still tell a solid story?

Alfonso Cuarón: The techniques and technology were nothing but a tool to serve as something more important. This film with all the visual effects and photo rendering of space would be absolutely meaningless without the amazing performance of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.

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