heidi klum & seal smooching*Over the weekend ex married couple Heidi Klum and Seal were seen exchanging kind words and a cheek kiss in public.

This was the first time the pair has been spotted since the nasty divorce last year, so photographers jumped at the rare to chance to capture the moment.

Heidi and Seal came together to help celebrate their daughter’s 4th birthday in Malibu. Its been almost two years since the split and they were able to play nice – or at least for their daughters sake – be cordial.

It was previously reported that Heidi left Seal in January 2012 and then filed for divorce in April because Heidi says Seal’s explosive temper was too much for her.

Seal says the reason for their split was because his ex-wife was sleeping with her bodyguard while they were married.

Let’s hope they can continue to work together amicably for the sake of their beautiful daughter.