howard u yardfest (2013)

A DC police office guards a gate after capacity is reached at Howard U’s Yardfest (10-25-13) event (photo: WashPost)

*(Via Washington Post) – Hundreds of spectators, upset that they could not get into Friday’s annual Yardfest homecoming concert at Howard University, rushed the gates, injuring eight people, including two D.C. police officers, according to school and law enforcement officials.

The outdoor concert was delayed for more than an hour while the crowd was calmed and the injured were treated. Keith St. Clair, a spokesman for the deputy mayor of public safety, said most of the injuries were minor. All of the victims were taken to hospitals.

Authorities said one officer incurred a wrist injury and was taken by ambulance to a hospital. Police took another officer to a hospital in a squad car. His injuries were not immediately described.

Yardfest, the annual afternoon-long hip-hop concert held on the quadrangle at Howard, went quiet not long after 3 p.m. when D.C. and university police responded to reports of fans rushing the gates. “It has created a public-safety hazard,” said Officer Paul Metcalf, a D.C. police spokesman.

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