tamar (hot sugar screenshot)*Well lookie here.

Tamar Braxton has an interesting situation with her new video for her single “Hot Sugar.”

The production centers around a “Tamartiangram,” in which fans can pick the Tamar they want to see.

But more than that, we experience dancing, ponytail swinging, twerking and more from dudes in heels, leather pants and skirts. Oh my.

Oh yeah, we found it quite interesting, but as you can image, not everyone is feeling Tamar’s vision for her video that’s already received over 1 million views.

Here’s what some YouTubers are saying about the “Hot Sugar” video:

Christopher Johnson
Thanks for the shoutout to the GURLZ Tamar lol but we still want to see some sexy sistahs and straight boys poppin’ and droppin’ too! lol Your album ROXXXXXXX!!!! I need a video for “All the Way Home” and/or “Pieces” MORE! MORE! MORE!!!!

Who ever the people are who directed, reviewed, edited and approved this video need to pursue another career path because clearly this us not their calling

pooka turtle
Love the song, but not feeling the video. Sorry Tay.

Lily Hatkow
The gay guys ruined it. :-[

kisha turnbow-minor
Look too much like a beyonce style look alike. Loosing me Tamar. They are putting a image together too fast for you. Thank Vince, but let your wife be your wife.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out below and let us know what you think.