Ja Rule*Grammy-nominated rapper Ja Rule was able to quickly turn things around just months after being released from jail with his new movie called “I’m in Love with a Church Girl.”

The movie hits theaters Friday and features a character named Miles Montego, played by Ja, who is a high-level drug trafficker forced to look for a second chance in the church. There he meets a nice, beautiful, God-fearing woman played by Adrienne Bailon.

“It’s a story about change and redemption and second chances and I think I know a little bit about that,” Ja told theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon.

The rapper says he is also working on his own reality show that will air on a major TV network soon.

“I got a show that I’m developing right now with Cris Abrego (CEO of Endemol’s North American operations.) We’re going to one of the major networks,” the rapper revealed.

“I don’t want to drop it right now. I actually just got my deal in today from them. So we’re still negotiating and putting it together.”

“It’s me and my family. It’s a family-driven show. It’s kinda like the new ‘Run’s House.’ With a little kick to it. I’m not exactly [Rev] Run, and my kids are not Run’s kids. We’re a little more crazy.”

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