kevin durant as houston rocket*The start of the 2013 NBA season is right around the corner.

With that in mind, the prognosticators are looking into their crystal balls to give us the who, what, where and when, etc.

But in this case, we’re looking at the league from a mid to long term perspective through the mind of former NBA player turned analyst Jalen Rose.

He’s making some bold predictions regarding Oklahoma City Thunder players Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook:

Jalen Rose has predicted that OKC All-Star Kevin Durant will be looking to pack up his bags and head to the Houston Rockets to join Dwight Howard and buddy James Harden to form a formidable “BIG THREE”, the current trend in the NBA.  WOW!  Could you imagine that line-up!?

If this prediction holds true, it would not be able to happen until 2016 when KD becomes a free agent.  I know, I know, KD is OKC’s poster boy and he is very active in the community, but remember, Durant played his college basketball at the University of Texas and the loss of Harden to the Rockets is a move that is still being felt by OKC’s Durant and Westbrook.  OKC was not able to keep its own Big Three together when they decided to trade Harden, whom Durant has gone on record to call a Top 10 NBA player.

Oh, but the prediction does not stop there!  Rose also predicts that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love, who were teammates at UCLA, will meet up again with the Los Angeles Lakers !!  It is not a secret that the Lakers are in need of making some major moves and this move, again, makes a lot of sense.  Basketball is a sport that relies highly on player chemistry.  Why try to force or experiment with chemistry, when you can put players together that have proven to exhibit chemistry?

Rose made the comments in an NBA preview discussion with Bill Simmons for Grantland.Watch it below.

Durant, who announced a five-year maximum extension with the Thunder via Twitter in July of 2010, is signed through the end of the 2015-16 season.

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