club nouveau (2013)*Grammy award winning Club Nouveau, the Pop band formed by record producer Jay King in 1986 returns.

After nearly three decades of success, Club Nouveau is reemerging with a soon-to-be released album entitled “Consciousness.” BTW, the title track features EUR’s very own Lee Bailey.

Music mogul Jay King and singer/songwriter/arranger Valerie Watson, rejoin original member Samuelle Prater for for a number of fresh music projects. King unknowingly launched an empire when he formed the independent label JAY Records, whose first release-the Timex Social Club hit “Rumors”-ushered in the biggest selling single of 1986 (3.5 million copies and #1 R&B single on the Billboard Charts).

With a Top 10 single on the Billboard Pop charts for over 56 weeks, the results were history-making as nobody had before taken an R&B song from an indie label to such heights.

Club Nouveau
Hit After Hit…After Hit………

1. Rumors 1986 #1 R&B (Billboard) #8 Pop (Billboard)
2. Jealousy 1986  #8 R&B (Billboard)
3. Situation No.9 1986 # 4 R&B (Billboard)
4. Lean On Me 1987 # 1 Pop (Billboard) # 2 R&B (Billboard)
5. Why You Treat Me So Bad 1987 # 2 R&B (Billboard) # 39 Pop (Billboard)
6. Heavy On My Mind 1987 #42 R&B (Billboard)
7. It’s A Cold Cold World 1988  #34 R&B (Billboard)
8. Envious 1988
9. Francis 1988
10. You Ain’t No Friend Of Mine 1989  #12 R&B (Billboard)
11. Oh Happy Day 1992  45 R&B (Billboard)
12. When Will You Come Back To Me 1992
13. Let It Go 1995
14. What Kind Of Love 1998

And the Music Continues, with the release of “That Ain’t Love” – Fall 2013


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