jb smoove and peter stormare*“Black Ops 2: Uprising” got a little help from JB Smoove, who joins Peter Stormare as the replacement wingman for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising” videogame content.

Already off the chain crazy and dangerous, Storemare has a buddy to share his absurdity with.

The pitchmen wring every drop of humor from ridiculous “replacement” situations in this new three-minute clip from 72andSunny, says AdWeek. They’re both tightly wound, yet handle pressure differently. Stormare speaks softly and with great deliberation; it seems like his face might crack open from the tension building up inside. His barely repressed murderousness bubbles up as he tells a slow-choosing customer to “Pick a Sammmich” when he and Smoove substitute for counter help at an oddly named fast-food joint. (Note how he threateningly brandishes a knife, just as McDonald’s crew members do in real life if you don’t order fast enough.)

Smoove is perfect for the role. He lets it go and takes off with loud, wild outbursts during the pair’s adventures.

Replacing a lawyer, he delivers his closing argument to the court, in confidence saying “Is my client guilty? Probably. Who cares?”

But Stormare scolded him from the defense table, “You’re doing it wrong.”

Smoove explodes, “I’m doin’ it the way I’m gonna do it, OK? Let me do this, OK? … I’m in my zone right now! Did he do it? I DON’T KNOW!”

He also plays an intense replacement weatherman: “There’s a 45 percent chance of swamp ass today, New Orleans. Be careful out there!”

It’s a hilarious mash up of the personalities.

Check out the hilarity: