17th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Roaming Show*Kanye West recently took time from his gridlocked schedule to honor “12 Years A Slave” director Steve McQueen in Los Angeles.

West was a surprise guest at the Hollywood Film Awards, where he presented McQueen with the Breakout Director Award.

See haters, Kanye isn’t all bad, this was an act act of selflessness (or a chance to be among the elite in Tinseltown). Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt this one time shall we?

“I’ve always admired Steve’s work,” West said before discussing “12 Years A Slave.” “One of the things I loved was just the way he held the shots. I thought that was extremely modern and felt so much more like real life.”

West–who regularly makes references to American slavery in his music–called McQueen’s film “extremely moving,” and said he flew in from San Francisco specifically to give McQueen the award.

The pair previously collaborated on West’s MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Blood on the Leaves.”