katt williams*On-again-off-again sober minded comedian Katt Williams says despite his outbursts and breakdowns, he’s still the king of comedy.

Bursting out onto the stage over a decade ago, the pint-sized funnyman was hailed as something like a baby genius.

But like every smart person, he has his quirks.

After disappearing and allegedly going straight-jacket crazy, a few years back, he managed to recover somewhat. But by the end of 2012, he had already been arrested a few times too many for fighting, carrying stolen firearms and other charges.

But through it all, he’s managed to keep it together enough to get through an interview with the Grio, saying tragedy and comedy go hand-in-hand.

“It’s impossible to separate those two things,” Williams says. “Those two things are on opposite sides of a coin, and so is genius and crazy. So if they ever in life call you one, they are in essence handing you a coin that has a flip side on it. I ignored it as long as I could.”

Katt was an amazing ‘leprechaun’ looking pimp in 2002 film “Friday After Next” but totally took off in 2006 with his stand-up show, “The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1.”

Everything was on the up and up until he pulled out of hosting the BET Awards in 2008 last minute.

It’s been rocky over the years in both career and personal life, including repeated legal issues. He says, however, there’s no excuse for that.

“It’s really hard for you to have growth without change,” he explains. “What you’re doing is you’re attempting to change the bad things about you into better things, without changing who you are as a person. And so I’m doing about as well as can be hoped. Comme ci, comme ça. I made a lot more mistakes than I would like, and so what I’m finding is that to err is human. I’m done erring, now I’m onto joking.”