Kelly Rowland*“X Factor” judge Kelly Rowland was on a charter boat that got lost recently when the captain became disoriented during choppy weather.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘Lord, please don’t let this boat capsize,” Rowland told People during the Television Critics Association tour.

“Please let us get to shore in one safe, sound piece. I just want to see tomorrow. No more shore, no more land, we’re seeing no more of the buoys, no more of the boats passing by — it’s just in the middle of nowhere, so we realized that we’re lost,” she told the gossip magazine.

It was last July when Rowland was out on the private whale watching expedition turned nightmare. The ship got lost in the fog and 5-foot waves roughly 30 miles of shore. According to the news, the captain of the towboat, Noah Santos, sent out a dispatch to bring the lost boat back to shore.

“It was pretty rocky out there, from what they told me,” Santos said.

Rowland says she and her companions were unable to call for help at first because of poor cell reception.

“I was like, ‘Please, Lord, give me two bars,'” she remembers. “He gave me two bars and we contacted some folks that were on land and they helped us.”