kendrick lamar (bet awardfs 2013)*Before his set at the 2013 Paid Dues festival in San Bernardino, rapper Kendrick Lamar spoke with Guerilla Union about the group that became one of hip-hop music’s elites over the past few years.

Kendrick shared the group’s history together and their ability to stay together as TDE. According to the artist, their fans are able to relate to each member of the group and their Black Hippy movement as well.

Toward the end of the interview, Kendrick explained why groups part ways and how they were able to come together in a more forceful way as a label.

“We feel that when a group come [sic] together, from the jump, there’s almost a stigma where they eventually break up and that’s because later down the line everybody have they [sic] own creative differences,” Lamar explained. “So what we did was, start off with our own creative space and let each person in the group let ‘em know what it is and what we working with, be familiar with it and then bring it together.”

Watch the full interview with Guerilla Union below: