Kym-Whitley-b2*After many years spent in comedy, Kym Whitley’s career is finally coming full circle.

Her reality show, “Raising Whitley,”  debuted on OWN in January (the second season is already underway).

Whitley’s also landed roles in two upcoming films (“A Haunted House 2,” “Anything is Possible”) and her web series, “It’s Kymplicated,” continues to gain traction among viewers.

Simply put, the fun-loving actress has been steady on her grind and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

JET chatted with her about how motherhood has changed her life, what one career she would choose to have forever and her response to Kenan Thompson’s comment about Black women on Saturday Night Live.

Check it out:

JET: So can you tell us what’s in store for the second season of your reality show, Raising Whitley?

Kym Whitley: We are coming back with 10 new episodes in January. It used to be 30 minutes, but they’ve asked for it to be an hour now, so it’s a whole lot of work. But hopefully people see more content; they can still laugh and learn, so fans can be excited about that.

JET: What challenges have you come across regarding motherhood?

KW: Well one challenge is discipline. It’s a huge challenge. My mama used to hit us with a spoon or a switch. You know you can’t do that now. You have time out and take away, but he’s 2! What am I taking away really? His Ferrari? His pop-pop toy? So discipline is very difficult. This is going to sound wrong, but does he have to eat three times a day? Cooking for my son is a challenge. I have to feed him right. He can’t eat French fries and candy every day. So now the challenge is how can I feed my child with nutrients? Back in the day we ate fresh; our parents cooked. Now, we’re starting to think things are fresh because they’re in a can, they’re in a box or they’re frozen. That’s not fresh. It’s difficult to get real fresh. I damn near have to grow vegetables and have a cow in the back!

JET: Can you share your response to Kenan Thompson’s statement that Saturday Night Live doesn’t have Black women because the producers can’t find any who are ready?

KW: Let me tell you why there aren’t any Black women on SNL—because [producers] feel like they are not diverse enough. Because Maya Rudolph is Black, are we forgetting that, Kenan? Maya is Minnie Riperton’s daughter who is Black and her father is White; she is Black! She’s a light-skinned Black woman. She’s played Oprah, she’s played all kinds of people on the show. And she can switch and go back and forth—she can play a White woman, she can play a Black woman. The problem is society is not ready to see a Black woman play a White woman on TV. I think for Saturday Night Live they just use the best that they can. If I can get a Black man and I can get him to play a Black woman also, I kill two birds with one stone for my Black characters.

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