snls-kenan-thompson-refuses-to-dress-in-drag-until-the-show-hires-a-black-woman*Hey, Keenan Thompson, here’s a joke: What happens when you take pot-shots at black women in a public forum?

They sharpen their wolverine-like claws and ATTACK.

The SNL comedian recently put his foot in his mouth, saying that black women who audition for roles on the show simply haven’t been “ready” for prime time.

“It’s just a tough part of the business,” he told TV Guide. “Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”

Thompson’s ill-advised, but genuinely innocent, comment has sparked some backlash, triggering the responses of comediennes Loni Love, Sommore and Kim Whitley.

“They do have sisters on there. They’re just brothers playing sisters,” Kim Whitley snapped. “I’m hoping that Kenan didn’t really mean that because you had sisters like Deborah Wilson who played all kinds of characters on ‘Mad TV’.”

“Comedy is very subjective…I’m a very big support of SNL and have watched it over the years. I love the show,” says Sommore.  “But when somebody makes a comment like that I don’t take it personal because he didn’t mention my name. Second of all,  I’m a stand up comedian. I don’t do sketch comedy. There are different styles of comedy. So I don’t know many sisters doing that kind of comedy. Deborah is very talented. If we were all given the opportunity to do it we could easily do it. I don’t see Kenan bustin’ down no stages either. The same way he feels like we can’t do what he does, I don’t think he can do what I do either. So I don’t get offended by it.”

“SNL ain’t been relevant since Jim Belushi,” Loni Love said pulling no punches. “It’s on every week, it’s not funny and they need to find some Black women to make it funny. You can’t count Mya Rudolph because she was half white.  The last real Black person they had on there was Ellen Cleghorne and she was horrible.”

And ya’ll wonder why black men are running for the hills. Sisters, ease up a little, will ya?