url*One of the most exciting holidays is just around the corner. It’s the time where everyone can get lose, pretend to be someone else, and get away with acting a fool.

So have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? Still stumped about what you’ll wear to that exclusive party Thursday night?

We’ve got some last minute Halloween costume ideas for you, inspired by some of our favorite shows, celebrities and trends.

orange is the new blackSomeone has already done it for you, in terrible taste, we must add. But Netflix original series, “Orange is the New Black” is definitely on the high end of the costume totem pole this year.

It was a fun idea, until she put the black face on. How rude. Julianne Hough sported her “Crazy Eyes” costume over the weekend and totally got done in when the photos were released. Silly girl.

At any rate, the costume is still a hot item this year and could be fun. Be a prisoner inspired by your favorite character from the show.

orange scrubs

Pick up your very own orange scrubs at AllHeart.com for $30. Get yourself a white Tee for underneath, and some canvas slip-ons from Payless Shoesource for $18.



The Hannah Montana for Grown-Ups is definitely on the list. Truthfully, a woman could outside in a bra and panties and call it Miley Cyrus. That girl is out of control, which is the perfect reason to be her for Halloween.

wrecking ball outfit

So we chose two of her latest outfits for your spooky pleasure.

Macrame Long tank dress by Sauvage Swimwear

First, the “Wrecking Ball” performance get-up. Nearly naked, the singer wore a mesh dress we found in the swimwear department for about $15. Throw that on with a cute pantie and depending on how exposed you’d like to be, tape up those nipples.

Lace-Up High Heel Booties

Shoes – we recommend something sexy and comfy like these Lace-Up High Heel Booties from Chinese Laundry for $109. You’ll also need a white boa. You can find one for about $10 at any costume or lingerie shop.

miley cyrus

Or you could go ‘nude’ with Shimera Stripe Bandeau & Boyshorts for $18 at Norstrom. They actually don’t come in nude at this location, but you can find ‘em in white, black and blue. But you get the idea.


Furthermore, you must remember to get your blond wig for $25.


 Finally, we can’t help it but you can also be the Pop girl of your dreams: Nicki Minaj. There are several ways to do Nicki, but if you’re spent on ways to make it happen, head over to your favorite Halloween store and pick up a pre-packaged costume.

nicki minaj catsuit

This one is called Nicki Minaj Leopard Catsuit for $50. But we’ll add a little junk for your trunk because there are no squats capable of enhancing your booty to tremendous sizes in just a couple of days. Equip yourself with Feel Real Silicone Butt Pads for $30.


A special Nicki Minaj wig will cost you a pretty penny upwards $100. But really, any bright colored hair-do will suit you well. Don’t forget the signature hat. Find her studded captain’s hat at K-Mart, a part of her new line for only $30.


Make-up is the key to making this costume amazing. Revlon’s Runway Lashes aught to do the trick, along with a nice bright coat of Revlon Fuchsia Shock Lipstick.

 Revlon Fuchsia Shock

Be safe and enjoy the holiday.