lebron custom lambo*Hey, if you’ve got lots of moola and can’t figure out what to spend it on, we’ve got a real good dumb idea for ya.

All you gotta do is head to Miami and rent a custom Lamborghini Aventador for the wildly inflated price of $7,000 a day. This opportunity for you to blow your cash is made possible by LeBron James.

Sources at Lou La Vie exotic car rentals tell TMZ, the car was commissioned by Nike for LeBron’s new sneaker unveiling Sunday night — designed to match the new green LeBron shoe, for better or worse. (Kinda like the Chris Brown job back in July.)

Nike just paid to use the car for one night, so we’re told it’s going back to Lou La Vie and they’re keeping the custom wrap on it.

Normally, Lou La Vie rents their Aventadors for around $4,000 per day — but the LeBron wrap will cost you another $3k.

Lucky you. Now you can quickly shoot your wad in high style.

They’ll definitely see you coming.