lesus coin*Dang, talk about a boo-boo.

There could be repercussions from on High. The Vatican better be on its best behavior from now on after they blew this one.

We’re talking about the fact that the headquarters of the Catholic Church issues a memorabilia coin that misspelled the name Jesus.

It happened when the Italian institute that mints coins, passports and postage stamps made a special commemorative coins honoring Pope Francis, but got it wrong.

They call him Lesus.

‘‘Everybody makes mistakes,’’ the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said on Friday. ‘‘Even people who make coins.’’

The Vatican confirmed Friday that it had withdrawn 6,000 coins commemorating Francis’ first year in the papacy. The coins had been distributed to retailers when it was discovered that ‘‘Jesus’’ had been rendered as ‘‘Lesus’’ on a Latin phrase engraved around the edge of the coin. The sentence, by the Venerable Bede, a seventh-century theologian, contains Francis’ self-chosen motto, ‘‘miserando atque eligendo,’’ which loosely translates as ‘‘lowly but chosen.’’

Lombardi acknowledged that the Vatican was responsible for the error, made when the coin was being designed. But he seemed mildly amused by the matter. ‘‘If only these were the problems we had to deal with,’’ he said, laughing.

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