stevie_j&joseline_hernandez(2012-big)*”Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” couple Stevie J and Joseline have been talking about starting a family for a while and now its only a matter of when.

Fans have been asking if the two of them are with child, or looking to have one any time soon; and have been patiently waiting for a definitive answer.

Stevie J is always known for dancing around the subject, but at the recent BET Hip Hop Awards, reporters asked the producer/reality star when we can expect to see them produce a few bundles of joy.

“In a few years. I have to work. Stevie keeps saying like two years. I say more like five,” Joseline told

Stevie J on the other hand is anxious to have his new bride pop out a few kids so that she can quickly get back to her curvacious figure. “Like a year, so that thing could pop back. I don’t want to wait until [she’s] too old.”