lamar odom (thin)*Although it appears that way, the truth is we don’t really don’t know if Lamar Odom is holed up somewhere doing drugs or not.

Well if he isn’t, a recent photo of him that just surfaced is only gonna add fuel to the fire of speculation that he is.

The pic above shows him at the home he once shared with Khloe Kardashian, looking shockingly thin and haggard.

Here’s what TMZ wrote:

Lamar hasn’t been seen for days … but these are the first photos that show the dramatic weight loss and toll that drugs have taken on his body.

It appears he went to the Tarzana house to visit Khloe.  Our sources say she had drawn a clear line in the sand — get help or stay away.

Lamar has told several friends he believes self-help can do the trick — kicking the drug problem.  We’re told Khloe is not buying it.