Kevin Durant*Kevin Durant is so proud to be able to call two-time WNBA champion Monica Wright his future wife.

Wright, who plays for the Minnesota Lynx, just took home her second championship in three years. With two basketball stars looking to share the same household, there is bound to be some friendly competition between the couple.

Durant spoke so highly of his fiancee while comparing his accomplishments to hers. Wright was able to win two titles in only four season, whereas Durant has players six years and although has come close to a ring, has yet to score the championship.

The star admits to being his own worst critic but acknowledging shortcomings as an athlete is something many of the greats have done

Although the NBA and WNBA are two different leagues with different rules and circumstances, Durant insists that it is all about winning a title at the end of the day and ending the streak as No. 2.

While he may grow increasingly frustrated with his own endeavors, he still welcomes a champion, Wright, into his family.