Ma$e*Ma$e has a lot to say about the legacy of Brooklyn’s own Biggie Smalls, according to Complex..

During his interview with the magazine, Ma$e labeled his former label head, Diddy, as a sell-out for his involvement with DJ Khaled’s new song “I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie.”

The song, produced by Beat Bully, was released from Khaled’s “Suffering From Success” and features Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T.I., Swizz Beats and Diddy.  One of the lyrics state, “I feel like Pac, I feel like Biggie/I feel like hating n—as waiting to get me.”

Ma$e made his distaste for the song known on Twitter. “N—as sold u out BIG. I hate the way your legacy has been watered down. I don’t have to be from Bk. Let him rest. #respect,” he wrote, followed by an Instagram link to a pic of Big rocking his signature Versace shades, gold encrusted walking stick and Jesus pieces.

After having their share of outs in the past, it appeared Diddy and Ma$e were on good terms when they were seen on stage together at Drake’s OVO Fest in Toronto. Well, apparently, the reunion was short lived.

Diddy hasn’t made much mention of Ma$e’s allegation as he continues to tweet the usual branded posts. “GM PPL!! Let’s get this work!! #NoMatterWhat,” he posted along with a TwitPic of his AQUAhydrate water.

Khaled on the other hand might welcome the drama for his new album as he had twitter going crazy with fake proposal to Nicki Minaj on live television to promote their song “I Wanna Be with You.”