magic son

Yup, that’s EJ wearing bedazzled high-heel boots. It would be damn hard to play basketball in those.


It’s amazing what being born in the right family can do for a person’s future.

Crackheads are typically born to other crackheads, whores to others whores, criminals to other criminals, assclowns to other assclowns (the list really goes on forever) and so on.

But the lucky ones, like Earvin Johnson III, Magic’s son, are dropped in the lap of luxury at birth and fed with a silver spoon.

Johnson recently appeared on E!’s Fashion Police last week to share his insight on the latest style trends worn by celebrities.

But aside from his witty banter on who wore what best, he also addressed more personal topics and revealed that he will be starring in his own reality show airing on E! in January.

Lucky bastard (not literally)

In late August, EUR reported that Magic and his wife Cookie Johnson urged their son to stay away from reality TV–that was, in fact, the actual title of the story.

So much for that…

The show is titled “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” and E.J. is one of five wealthy young adults who will be documented on camera as they paint the town red, flaunting their designer tags.

“You’ll see me doing the absolute worst with all my crazy friends,” he said.

E.J. publicly came out of the closet after TMZ revealed that he was gay earlier this year (who would’ve guessed?). However, despite the varying responses he received from the public, his family appears to be standing by him.

“I don’t care about the backlash, if somebody doesn’t agree, that’s just tough on them. I’m gonna love my son until the end,” Johnson previously told theGrio. “He has a right to decide who he wants to be, who he wants to date, and who he wants to marry, and he has decided that that’s a man, and that’s okay by us.”