ronald harris sr

Pastor Ronald Harris Sr.

*As some people have already speculated on EURweb and other sites, Woodrow Karey‘s shooting of Pastor Ronald Harris Sr. in Lake Charles, Louisiana last Friday night while he was preaching, possibly wasn’t some random, unexplainable act.

It seems Karey’s wife filed a rape complaint against the pastor two days before the shooting, but according to the sheriff’s office on Monday, it’s not yet clear if there was an assault or a consensual sexual relationship.

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The bottom line is that Karey has been charged with fatally shooting Ronald Harris Sr. during a revival service at the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles.

In a telephone interview on Monday, Tony Mancuso, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff, told The Associated Press that Harris and Karey’s wife had exchanged text messages days before she filed the rape complaint. It’s not clear if there was a consensual relationship or not, and that will be a focus of the investigation, Mancuso said.

“We’re trying to put all the pieces together,” Mancuso said.

woodrow karey

Woodrow Karey

Mancuso said search warrants for phone records and other evidence may help paint a better picture of what led to the pastor’s death.

Sheriff Mancuso said Karey was cooperative earlier in the investigation but is no longer talking. Mancuso hopes to talk to Karey’s wife later.

The pastor’s relatives and church members say the 53-year-old suspect was once a member of the church but left several years ago without explanation.

The Harris family could not immediately be reached for comment about the rape complaint. Calls to the pastor’s house went unanswered after the sheriff disclosed the complaint.

Kim Myers, spokeswoman for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, has said that Karey has no known history of crime or mental troubles. She said he called police to surrender minutes after the shooting and told deputies where to find a shotgun and a .22-caliber pistol he had left in nearby woods.