karen finney*Those right wingers like Tim Graham, sometimes get a little out of hand when they have political commentary shows.

The commentator found himself under fire for taking things way off track when he attacked MSNBC weekend host Karen Finney, saying she isn’t ‘black enough’ to be called African American.

Yeah, it’s like that.

But he thought he was slick enough and put it out on Twitter, saying he didn’t think it was “self-evident” that she was dark enough to be called a black woman.

He Tweeted: ‘MSNBC touting Karen Finney as another African-American host. Would the average viewer be able to guess that? Or is (House Speaker John) Boehner a shade more tan?’

As the responses mounted up, Graham was forced to defend himself and wrote: ‘Didn’t mean to say MSNBC doesn’t get credit for diversity. Just saying it’s not so self-evident.’

Maybe it was his intention to garner the attention, but his comments weren’t left hanging without some backlash.

Followers responded with some political commentary of their own.

User Kombiz Lavasany also wrote: ‘Seriously, the conservative movement can’t help the racist crap?’

Tim Graham runs the Media Research Center, a media watchdog, which you’d think he had done his own research before putting such ignorance out on the Net.

According to the Daily Mail, Karen’s father’s family members were enslaved in Virginia. But on her mother’s side, she the great great niece of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

So booyah.