U.S. President Obama speaks at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the Capitol in Washington*While rolling out his health care law, President Barack Obama says Americans “definitely shouldn’t give up” on the program.

According to the president, the government wasn’t prepared for the amount of public interest which led to the glitches millions of Americans have experienced trying to access the government-run health care websites.

“Folks are working around the clock and have been systematically reducing the wait times,” he said.

People were unable to access the federal gateway website once again after they took it down for repairs over the weekend.

During his interview with The Associated Press, Obama revealed that the U.S. intelligence has reasons to believe that Iran is extremely close to being able to develop a nuclear weapon. The U.S. believes it may only be a year or more away; where Israel maintains that Tehran is on a faster course towards a bomb. Regardless of his enthusiasm towards the diplomacy between his administration and Iran’s new president, Obama says the U.S. will not accept a bad deal on the nuclear program.

For days after the federal government shutdown, the president spoke to the AP about being reluctant to negotiate with the House Representatives to bring an end to the shutdown that has left 800,000 people off the job.

“There are enough votes in the House of Representatives to make sure that the government reopens today,” he said. “And I’m pretty willing to bet that there are enough votes in the House of Representatives right now to make sure that the United States doesn’t end up being a deadbeat.”

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