hut hut twerk song (screen grab)What da hey-all?!

Thanks Miley Cyrus.

Twerking just won’t die.

Now it’s taken over football.

Well, actually, a music video that was recently put online of women and young girls twerking as a football team is catching shade from a lot folks via social media, reports NewsOne:

The YouTube video titled, “Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song By Monsta With da Fade,” shows more than a dozen young, African-American girls cladly dressed in form-fitting tights and football jerseys on a football field twerking in various football stances and drills common with the sport. One of the rappers, Monsta, is seen standing over them chatting, “hut, hut, hut.”

Besides a few  lines like, “No stomach” and “Leg on the table,” there are few verses in the song.

Some of the girls look younger than 10-years-old, which has some critics believing the video is another moment of Black female exploitation.

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And now the video: