tionna smalls*Dating can be tough, but Tionna Smalls has the answer to all of those single lady questions.

She’s going to teach women how to get the man of their dreams with her new MTV show, “Girl Get Your Mind Right!”

She shares with single women the keys to success, but sets the foundations with an in depth self evaluation.

“The #1 thing that I can give any girl is that you have to be self confident. You have to love yourself,” she told S2S. “A lot of people go looking for love in the wrong place. They’re looking for someone to make them feel good about themselves. But the main thing is you have to feel that way about yourself without a man. That’s #1. Bottom line.”

Please believe Ms. Tionna is practicing what she preaches. Although she too is a single woman out there dating and all, she believes in her advice.

“I love following my own advice because people will test you to see if you follow [what you say]. Men test you on what you write about,” said Tionna, who points out that you don’t have to be a published author like her to experience this yourself. With the invention of Facebook everyone is narrating their life, and guys like being referenced as much as possible. “They love to be written about. These men will do anything to be written about.”

The young, self-proclaimed relationship expert credits her family for setting a solid foundation. Her married parents’ example set the standard for her.

In the meantime, look out for her show soon on MTV. No premiere date has been announced yet.