eleanor holmes norton & barack obama*It doesn’t appear to be a break in the united front Democrats are showing in their stare-down with Republicans over the shutdown of the government, but Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) reportedly interrupted President Barack Obama multiple times when he was answering her question related to a bill to fund Washington, D.C. a source told the Washington Post.

During Wednesday’s meeting between House Democrats and the president at the White House, Holmes Norton and Obama had what some colleagues described to the Post as “a heated exchange.”

Holmes wanted a bill to be passed that would allow the District to use its locally raised tax funds while under budget restraints due to the shutdown.

Of course that goes against President Obama’s strategy of not agreeing to separate funding bills; he remains adamant that Republicans need to work out a deal to fund the entire government.

“Do you think John Boehner cares about DC, Eleanor?” President Obama responded to Holmes Norton, implying it was a tactic by Republicans to divide them.

Norton described the encounter as a “conversation,” telling the Post that she “wasn’t picking a fight with the president, I think the people of the District would expect me to have a conversation with him rather than just asking a question.”

However one fellow lawmaker who attended the meeting said Norton was “self-absorbed” and “strident.”

On the other hand, according to the source, President Obama understood that Norton was just doing her job.