Russell Simmons is 56 today.*Russell Simmons has a strong hold on social media with nearly three million followers on Twitter and last week issued Tweets that could possibly change lives.

His tweets were sent out to raise money to help a New York based anti-violence program called “Life Camp” that’s currently running a fundraising campaign on Crowdtilt.

“Life Camp” is a non-profit violence prevention program that is looking to raise $100,000 with their campaign. Their overall goal is to secure the funds to help bring an end to gun violence and provide positive alternatives to kids and young adults.

“During the prior eighteen months, before our full program was implemented, 17 people had been shot in our community,” wrote Erica Ford, the executive director of Life Camp. “Once our program was fully operational, we had 340 days of NO SHOOTINGS in our target area in South Jamaica, Queens.”

On their Crowdtilt page, the program revealed that the community center was closed after their government was delayed, which is what led them to turn to crowd funding as an alternative.

On Twitter, Simmons shared news of his own donation in the amount of $10,000 and encouraged others to do the same in exchange for a retweet.

“Who can give $5, $10, $20 to save program that has saved lives of so many young people?? NO MORE BULLETS IN THE HOOD!,” he wrote. This followed his earlier tweet which said, “first ten people to donate $10 or more to keep one of the most critical anti-violence programs open, gets a RT.”