russell-simmons-def-jam-digital-interview-with-the-jasmine-brand*If there’s one thing that Russell Simmons is going to do, he’s going to give us his unsolicited opinion, whether its popular or not. Case in point? His point of view on just how racist and limited Hollywood is in terms of inclusion in the realm of people of color.

In a recent interview with media partner,, the ex-hubby of Kimora Lee Simmons and business mogul spoke quite candidly of just how non-integrated the industry is.

On there being a limited number of black comedians:

“I was saying how there hasn’t been any new comedians getting a break in Hollywood – like you know, it was good that J.B Smoove got to be on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and he crossed over the resolve and became a big star or becoming a bigger star. But I’m watching since Martin [Lawrence], Jamie [Foxx], Cedric [The Entertainer], Bernie [Mac], and Chris Tucker and, Dave Chappelle and all those guys that when their agents and their directors were standing by the stage, getting them ready into Hollywood. Since then, they haven’t gotten any comedians.When at Kevin Hart, he sold fifty thousand tickets in one city and they were like, “We got to f*ck with him because he’s that big.”

On Hollywood being out of touch and non-integrated:

“They need a break because people don’t understand that as sweet and compassionate and liberal as Hollywood is, they got less integration than Jerry Springer. They got less integration in the coldest part of America in the south somewhere we expected no integration is much more there is in Hollywood. They just don’t understand it, they don’t know how to use it. So there’s a lot of places where things are sterile, white and, boring. And they need integration because that’s what half of America is, is non-white.”

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