Chris Brown (L) and Drake in the studio

Chris Brown (L) and Drake in the studio

*Former rivals Chris Brown and Drake, who have clashed on several occasions in the past, are planning a “surprise” collaboration, according to sources close to the pair.

“Make no mistake, that’s going to happen. It will, but in time. Both of them like the element of surprise,” said a source.

The two recently posted the above picture of themselves hanging out in a recording studio together.

Breezy, 24, and Drizzy, 26, are also said to have been “talking” about getting others involved on their song, but it will depend on their fellow artists’ availability.

The source added to ”Chris is trying to get ‘X’ out and Drake’s enjoying the success of his new album sales.”

The pair have come to blows over Rihanna several times in the past but they ended their feud by hugging at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas in September.

In June 2012, Brown and Drake had a bust up at a nightclub in New York, during which several people were injured after note passing about RiRi turned into a bottle-throwing brawl between their respective entourages.