regina hall & kevin hart

Regina Hall & Kevin Hart

*While Valentine’s Day may still be four months away … for anyone aiming to earn brownie points with their significant other – EURweb has the perfect suggestion: take your lovebird to the movies to check out an updated version of the 1986 film “About Last Night!”

Produced by Will Packer, who’s currently experiencing a hot streak with “Think Like a Man” under his belt and “Think Like A Man Too” on the way – “About Last Night” stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant and Regina Hall.  The film follows two couples, Danny (Ealy) and Debbie (Bryant) and Bernie (Hart) and Joan (Hall) on their journey from the bar to the bedroom that are eventually put to the test in the real world. was invited to the set as the film was nearing the end of production last year – and this wasn’t just any set visit – we were placed smack dab in the middle of a Halloween party scene – and the actor’s costumes were outrageously funny!  Not only did Kevin Hart have the entire cast and crew – and us – rolling with laughter with the jokes he adlibbed with each take – he was also dressed as Magic Mike – and whatever you conjure in your imagination of how that looks, will not be half as funny as the real thing on film.  Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant were dressed as Ike and Tina and Regina Hall was transformed into Nicki Minaj. associate Crystal Shaw-King sat down with Will Packer and the cast to get the skinny on what to expect from this highly anticipated film.

Kevin Hart on how About Last Night will be different from the Think Like A Man franchise:
There’s a big difference in the two.  Think like a Man was more of a, for lack of a better word, I’ll say “mainstream” [film]– it wasn’t edgy.  We dealt topics and subjects within relationships that were easy to relate to.  I feel like in this movie “About Last Night” – it’s a little more edgy, vulgar.  We’re pressing buttons, we’re pushing the envelope.  You’re dealing with two different couples where one couple is just about that potential of love and being in bliss.  The other couple, their style of being in a relationship is unorthodox; it’s all over the place.  But I feel like that couple exists – I’ve been a product of that relationship, that’s violent and you keep going back because sex is good!

Kevin Hart on being excited to play the role of ‘Bernie’
It’s different for me.  I’m cussing up a storm, I’m having a bunch of sex. I’m a mess.  I fall in love, but I don’t know that I’m in love and I admit it and I admit to the man that I give the most shit about being in love so there’s great levels for me to play in this movie.

Will Packer on what attracted him to this project
It’s so well written – it’s smart.  It’s a really, really smart comedy and you don’t have a lot of those.  You don’t have a lot of those, period … film, television, studio projects, indie projects you don’t see that… I really enjoy how smart it was, how smart and engaging.  I really felt like this is what audiences are looking for.

Will Packer on if he’s worried about the comparisons between Think Like A Man and About Last Night
I’m not worried about it all because once you see the film, once you really get into it, this is such a different film.  It’s about these two couples – four singles living, loving, laughing, playing in downtown Los Angeles.  When you really get in and get engaged with who these people are, they’re completely different characters than the characters in Think Like A Man.  And it’s an adult film.

Regina Hall on shooting the sex scenes with Kevin Hart
Kevin’s easy to shoot with because no one’s flirty.  It’s a little awkward but honestly it’s a safe set the environment is comfortable – Kevin was so comfortable.  I mean the biggest thing is not to laugh cause it’s not like Kevin and I are doing the most romantic stare into my eyes [scenes].  Their sex is crazy, their relationship is crazy so it went in the vein of how everything else with them has been funny.

Regina Hall on the pros and cons of doing a remake:

Well, I mean I did “The Honeymooners” so sometimes it doesn’t work.  You’ve gotta make sure there’s an audience out there…  The way we’re doing it is not an exact replica – these characters have the same names but there’s a freshness and I think because it is an African American cast, the comparisons will probably be a lot less because it’s not like someone’s trying to be Rob Lowe, Demi Moore … and I think because of it, it should stand on its own.

Michael Ealy on the popularity of films being remade with black casts
It starts with the script.  I think just like “Think Like A Man” this script doesn’t have character descriptions of race so you read it independent of race so-to-speak.  And ultimately if it’s cast predominately black … so!  I mean are you going to say the original was cast predominately white?  No, it was a movie – so is this one.

Michael Ealy on the comedy on set:
We did a scene last night where the two couples all meet for the first time and they [Kevin Hart and Regina Hall] were so on fire.  I mean Regina did something that literally in the middle of the take brought tears to my eyes – I mean I was just balling – I could not stop!  The good thing is that Danny and Debbie’s storyline is for the most part pretty separate from Bernie and Joan so most of the time I held it together because I didn’t have to watch them, but watching them … you cannot help it, you cannot help it …

“About Last Night” opens Nationwide on Valentine’s Day 2014!  Check out Kevin Hart and Regina Hall as they introduce the trailer below: