snoop hot pockets

*And so it comes to this…

Snoop Dogg is shilling for the food brand Hot Pockets again with another viral video – this time reworking Biz Markie’s 1989 hit single “Just a Friend (You Got What I Need)” as “You Got What I Eat.”

In the video, Snoop teams with model Kate Upton while dropping such lines as, “I need your hot buttery crust” and “It’s my premium meats that make your lips sing a song.”

“I love working with the Hot Pockets sandwiches team,” Snoop says in a statement. “They let me do what I do and bring the funk out with their message, you know? We needed to top [previous video] ‘Pocket Like It’s Hot,’ and this video is so dope. It’s funnier, and we got the flyest girl in it with me.”

“I love the premium meats and the buttery seasoned crusts of the new Hot Pockets sandwiches,” adds Upton. “I’m excited to hear which side the fans pick in this IRRESISTIBLY HOT™ battle!”

She’s referring to a public vote being held at pitting #TeamCrust against #TeamMeat in a battle to the death over which Pocket part is preferable.

Watch the “You Got What I Eat” video below, followed by the “Pocket Like it’s Hot” video.