Somaya-Reece-Explains-Why-She-Doesn't-Miss-Love-Hip-Hop-The-Jasmine-Brand*Since leaving “Love & Hip Hop” after season two, Somaya Reece has been quite busy.

Determined not to be a reality show casualty, Reece has been working hard to rebrand herself with a new look, attitude and sound.

Surprisingly, the Cali native has decided to give reality TV another try, with her own show premiering on NuvoTV early next year. EURweb media partner recently caught up with Reece and she discussed her upcoming projects, what she really thinks about her former LHH cast mates and why she has no desire to return. Check out a few excerpts: Do you miss being on ‘Love & Hip Hop’?

Do I? No. I don’t want to miss it, I don’t miss it, I don’t – I would say that I would – looking back at it now, I experienced it then, it would be a different for me now. This time looking back, bitches can’t take me. That is the truth. So you know, it would be different now. I’m a lot informed about the brand. But I’m not regretful, that’s the one thing that I really always say – like you can’t regret being given an opportunity – it’s up to you what you do with it. Because no matter how much they try to undermine me, no matter how much they try to – you know the girls made fun of me – it didn’t matter. I still kept it pushing and I never allowed anybody to undermine me so, I’m grateful for it. I’m good! And is there anyone that you’d like to mend your relationship with – do you miss anybody from the cast?

 Well I talk to everybody now. That’s the thing – it’s like you know we’re good. But I think me and Christie was the biggest – we popped off ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and we’re good. We’re good and I have mended it with everybody. If I don’t talk to someone from it, it’s because we shouldn’t. Yeah. Because I don’t really want – I mean, we’re not all perfect but I won’t do everything just to be on T.V. like I’m not going to pull a publicity stunt to do the dumbest things just to be on T.V.

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