South Park*The always politically incorrect animated show “South Park” took the liberty to make jokes about the George Zimmerman trial in the upcoming episode “World War Zimmerman.”

The episode features the character Cartman who feels his class mate Token is threat to all humanity and goes around the country to capture him.

“South Park” is one of the longest running animated series and its creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not afraid to be controversial with their story lines and character depictions. The have pissed off many people in the past including celebrities, politicians and religious figures.

They do not target just any one group of people as the show has offended everyone from Muslims and Christians, Democrats and Republicans, Mac and PC users alike.

Most can agree the Trayvon Martin tragedy is no laughing matter but that has stopped many shows and series from making jokes and parodies of Zimmerman himself.

“South Park’s: World War Zimmerman” airs Wednesday, October 9 at 10pm on Comedy Central.