td jakes (jet cover)*During his interview with JET Magazine, Bishop T.D. Jakes opened up about the infamous moment at the beginning of September,  when Tyler Perry laid hands on him the Sunday morning following Mega fest.

“When you start talking about prayer, no one is exempt from the need of it,” Jakes explained. “It doesn’t matter who it comes from as long as it comes from a place of purity.”

Many have called the laying of hands by Perry fake and have chastised Jakes for taking part in such a “spectacle.”

The event took place on Sept. 1 at Potter’s House where Perry had just donated $1 million to Jakes ministry toward the construction of a youth center in Dallas. Afterwards Perry delivered a sermon that encouraged the congregation to ignore haters then proceeded to speak in tongues and then covered Jakes’ forehead with his palm.

“I pray the power of God all over you. I pray His favor,” he prayed passionately in front of thousands of stunned congregants. “I pray the blood of Jesus will come upon you right now. Keep you in His care. God, I thank You for your blessings!”

After Perry put hands on Jakes, the Bishop got caught up in the spirit and started convulsing. The church went crazy and many recorded the moment on the recording devices.

EEW Magazine was the first to break the story with others opinions from a move of God to a false way to raise more money. But Jakes is not backing down from any criticism.

“When I’m asked what does filmmaking have to do with being a member of the clergy, I often direct them back to Jesus who told parables,” he told JET.

“If those stories were put to screen, they would be movies. The great commission calls Christians to go into the world and spread the Good News. We can use television, we can use books, but there are more people in the theaters on Friday nights than the pews on Sunday morning.”