Terrance J*Terrance J has come a long way from just a young radio host having served as a host and producer for BET’s “106 & Park” and “E! News,” landing acting gigs for BET’s :The Game,” “Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming,” “Burlesque,” “Think Like A Man,” “Battle Of The Year,” and “Baggage Claim” and now he’s getting ready to release a new book.

But the rising star assures that things didn’t come easy and required hard work and overcoming a few obstacles along the way. During Terrance’s interview with Power 105.1FM’s Breakfast Club Morning Show, he promoted his new book “The Wealth Of My Mother’s Wisdom,” while revealing that he was recently diagnosed with Vitiligo and almost going bankrupt back in “106 & Park” days.

Catch a few of the highlights below:

On being broke
When I first started BET, I did not know how I was going to pay off my college tuition. I was sleeping on a couch. I never wanted to feel broke, so when I hustle all those jobs, it was desperation. Like, I still feel, when I wake up at night, someone else is working and I’m not, let me get back to the grind.

On making it big after 106
I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I didn’t think I was even gonna last. I’m just happy Steve stuck with me. I know for the first two or three years I was terrible. I’m just happy that the network stuck with and gave me a second chance, so to speak.

I went through a lot people didn’t know about. When I was at 106 there was a point when I almost went bankrupt because I was trying to keep up with other people. You got all these rappers coming on the show and you wanna keep up with them. […]You get excited and you get your first AMEX and I ran through that money and there was a point when I lost everything. I got diagnosed with vitiligo so I was scared about my health. My skin started breaking out and I was just depressed. I took the time and went to Haiti. I think the trip to Haiti really changed my perspective on things because it was the opportunity to give back and the people of Haiti were just so strong. They went through such a tragedy but all they wanted to do was rebuild and read books and be better. I came back and that was what was the trigger for me and I had to hit this ground running.

On how he gets through the struggle
For me more than anything it’s about accepting and embracing whatever God throws your way. Whatever happens it is what it is, so I don’t put no crazy makeup on. You put your medicine [on] and you keep it moving. There was a girl that I was dating that I didn’t tell that I loved and she got hit by a car and died. This was when I first started. So even her, it just made me realize you can’t take life for granted. You gotta tell people you love them and you gotta appreciate people while you have them in your life. I think there’s a lot that I share with people that’s been personal. I hope when people pick up the book they’re inspired and they go after their dreams.

On the hosts on 106 & Park that replaced him and Rocsi
I really didn’t get to see it. I’m not saying it like I didn’t watch them ’cause I had beef or I didn’t watch them because I wasn’t supportive. I didn’t watch them because I was on TV like literally at the same time. I was trying to make sure I stayed on E! That first year was the growing pains before you get that first contract. I was on pins and needles myself so I wasn’t even trying to get involved. I was just focused on the job at hand. I didn’t even really know what happened, I just know I saw Bow and I didn’t see [the others]. I don’t know what happened, but I knew Bow for years. I think he’s great. I don’t know the rest.

On why he and Selita Ebanks broke up
I think Selita is amazing, but I just think that sometimes things don’t work.

On whether their schedules had anything to do with it
I mean she’s a very busy woman, I work as well. I just think she is amazing and I wish her the best.

On  how the book “The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom” came about
When I was doing the character research for ‘Think Like a Man’ and I was playing this mama’s boy, I started realizing that I didn’t know anything about my mom. The decisions she made at such a young age, when she was 17 (and) having me, its just remarkable. I just think that women who raise men, especially by themselves, it’s just a remarkable thing. This book is kinda paying it forward to a young lady that I mentored, and also telling the stories of my mom’s life. I just hope it inspires people. I just hope it reaches people.

On how much he wanted his mom to include about herself in the book
I thought she was going to be like hands off, like talking about me not meeting my biological father, the things she went through. I mean she lost her virginity having me and she was just like, if it can help a young girl that’s going through the same thing, she was cool with it.

On one of the most important pieces of advice his mother ever gave him
Never give up. You know in this industry […] people have always beaten me down. When we first came in I was called every name in the book and its just about never giving up and just staying focused.

On whether his mother always supported him
Yeah man, she never wavered. At one point I did want to be a rapper, [she crushed that dream], and then I wanted to skip college and then she was like, ‘Nah, go to school’ because she didn’t get to go to school because she had me.

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