lebron (fire & tires)*When you’re the baddest badasses and everybody knows it, what the point in trying to seem humble?

That’s the situation the Miami Heat and especially their Big 3 find themselves in these days after two back to back NBA championships. So when it came time to take promotional pics/videos for the upcoming season, well the badassness was in full effect.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, each wearing a different alternate uniform, waded through smoke and fake fire at an over-the-top photo shoot.

The shoot featured a shirtless James working out with chains and tires while Wade walked ominously through artificial smoke when the director imagined “There’s No Easy Way Out” blaring from the American Airlines Arena speakers.

We hope the Bulls’ center Joakim Noah doesn’t see this. You know how much he hates the “Hollywood Heat.” Watching this would probably put him in heart attack mode.

And now the badassness. And don’t laugh.