jesse jackson jr.*When a guy sells his home to catch up on debt, that’s usually a bad sign.

Congressman-turned-convicted-felon Jesse Jackson Jr., 48, will soon part ways with his four-bedroom townhouse in the nation’s capital, reports The Chicago Tribune.

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The O Street property’s valued at $2.5 million–and Jackson could use every penny, he owes $750,000 in forfeitures.

Jackson, a Chicago Democrat who quit Congress last November, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on Aug. 14 after using $750,000 in campaign cash on a Rolex watch, furs, vacations, celebrity memorabilia, mounted elk heads and other whims. These items are to be relinquished and confiscated by authorities immediately per court order.

In a recent court filing, lawyers said Jackson Jr. “has been unsuccessful in his attempts to satisfy his forfeiture money judgment, and thus has agreed to sell the home (in Washington), and to use the proceeds of the sale” to meet the obligation.

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