Mel B*Its been eight years since her last song and now Mel B, also known as Scary Spice, is back with a new dance track and music video called “For Once in My Life.”

The song is a very fun, free, loud and empowering track while the video captures Mel B walking through a suburban neighborhood dressed in her office attire only to later rip them off and cut her hair as the song picks up and at one point she makes out with herself.

During her interview with The Daily Beast, the former Spice Girl and current “America’s Got Talent” judge opens up about her journey thus far, girl power and how making out with yourself feels.

Well, you seem quite chipper. Kind of like you’re living the message of this song.

Yes! Listen, when it all came about, I was mid–America’s Got Talent. I said to my husband, “I’ve got to record a song tonight. I have an idea.” So literally that night after America’s Got Talent, I went into the studio. Wrote the song. Recorded. Mastered it. All in three days. We did the video the following week. I said to my husband, because we do everything together. We got the production on Wisteria Lane. We got the director in—it was the same director who did my last video, “Feels So Good.”

So why the guerrilla operation with the release? It came with no warning.

I said I don’t want to do promotion just yet. I don’t want to do a six-week radio tour and then say my single’s released. I don’t want to go on all these TV shows and say, “My single’s out in a week!” and hype it up. I just want to release it, because a good song is a good song. If people hear it and think it’s a good song first and then hear, “Oh, it’s Mel B,” I’d rather that happen. And so all of that was literally the message of the song. I went into the studio, stripped all the crap away. I hadn’t done music in eight years, but I got all my confidence back. I said, yeah, this is it, and this is how I’m going to do it: on my terms.

That happened so fast.

It’s the pace of the video! The video just goes and goes and goes. There’s no stopping. We shot in nine hours. We edited it that night. And then it went up online.

So why now?

Doing America’s Got Talent and doing my show in the U.K., I’m constantly seeing people perform. Even though it’s a great job, I was just sitting there going, “Oh, my God, I need to perform.” But I was too afraid to say anything. And then just one night it was just a high, and I was like, that’s it! I’m hitting the studio! I’m doing it.

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