vivica a fox (bethenny)*OK, let’s talk Vivica A. Fox … and Slim.

It seems the actress who played a relationship expert in the 2001 film “Two Can Play That Game,” but can’t quite figure out how the game works in real life.

If what we saw on the “Bethenny Frankel Show” is any indication, Auntie Viv hasn’t quite gotten over the split between her and ex-fiancé Omar “Slim” White.

Monday, on Frankel’s show the 49-year-old actress broke down and cried while telling how she wanted a baby with the much younger nightclub promoter.

“We broke up three months before the wedding. Kids wasn’t the issue at all. It just wasn’t right and I had to be honest with myself and I wasn’t happy anymore. He is a great guy, he just wasn’t for me. My brother lives in Atlanta, I was about to move my life to Atlanta, and they could see that I wasn’t happy. They said, ‘You’re just doing this because you want to have a child and you want to move closer back east,’ and all my family lives back East.”

vivica & bethenny & slim

Vivica & Bethenny and Slim

Interestingly, a recent interview, Vivica vowed she would never date a man under 30 again. But sources say Vivica is still pining away for her ex-lover.

Gossip blogger Sandra Rose reports that according to a friend, Vivica and Slim exchanged texts as recently as two months ago. But Slim has moved on with another celebrity starlet who shares his morals, values and his vegan diet.

Slim keeps himself busy consulting with clients on health and nutrition, and he books celebrities for Krave Lounge on Saturdays, including Chris Brown and Christina Milian. He often posts photos of his clients on his Instagram page

Watch Vivica breakdown: