*(Via Jamaica Observer) – Jamaica has the second highest fertility rate in the Caribbean behind only the Dominican Republic.

Speaking with journalists at the Jamaica Observer today, Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Family Planning Association, St Rachel Ustanny said the nation’s women, including adolescents, have an average rate of 2.4 children.


Ustanny added that Jamaica has an early “sexual debut,” with boys entering into sexual activities at an average 13 years old, and girls by 15 years.

She noted that this points to “a clear clash” with the law and the availability of contraceptive methods, considering that the age of consent is 16 years old.

Meanwhile Angela Clarke from Women’s Inc spoke to the susceptibility to infection pointing to the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among young people.

“HIV prevalence has increased over the year. 1.7 per cent in Jamaica, with women and girls becoming more and more infected,” she said.

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