12 Years A Slave*It seems “12 Years A Slave” is doing quite well as it plays to two distinct audiences. All you have to do is look at what’s happening in Dallas and Detroit.

Those two cities were among the those added last weekend. Now playing in 123 locations, “12 Years a Slave” grossed a solid $2.1 million, and on top of that, the film’s performance has been solid throughout the dozen cities where it was showing, reports the LA Times.

At the Angelika Dallas, an upscale complex that is currently playing the independent films “Don Jon” and “Parkland,” “12 Years a Slave” grossed $34,200 last weekend, its first three days there. Much farther north, at the AMC Star Southfield 20, where screens are now playing the urban drama “I’m in Love With a Church Girl” and “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete,”  McQueen’s movie grossed almost the same in its debut that it did in Dallas, $33,900.

“We’re hitting on all cylinders,” said Steve Gilula, a co-president of Fox Searchlight. “We’re not seeing any resistance.”

If the $22-million production is going to continue to do well at the box office, it must cast a wide net, and to that end Fox Searchlight will increase the film’s exhibition to 400 additional theaters this weekend, covering most of the nation’s biggest 55 markets.

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