Out with the old, in with the new. This building has now become a Target store.

Out with the old, in with the new. This one-time housing complex has now become a Target store.

*Talk about your basic fixer upper…a mixed blessing?

Chicago’s infamous housing project Cabrini Green, known for its tough living conditions and high crime has now been replaced by a Target store.

“[The Chicago Housing Authority] actually traded their property to allow the Target to be built here but in the process of trading the property they also made a deal to give 75 jobs for the residents,” Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett said.

Now, are you thinking the same thing we’re thinking?

This begs a question that’s hard to sweep under any rug: How many residents have been displaced in the process? And did a Target store really need to be built right there?

The last of the buildings that made up the Chicago Housing Authority development, comprised of 10 sections built in a 20-year stretch beginning in 1942, were torn down two years ago.

“A resident who lived in the last high-rise to be torn down said the new store is just steps away from what was known as death alley — an area named because of a gang war,” reports NBC Chicago.

To further compliment the negotiations, there was a push to employ some of the former CHA workers at higher levels. But the request by the CHA to hire managers from the housing project was rejected by Target saying it would be unfair to current employees working their way up in the company.

Is change a good thing here?