donald faison *Veteran actor and funnyman Donald Faison, not to be confused with Fasion Love, settled a $73,000 commission dispute with United Talented Agency.

The former “Scrubs” star claims he wasn’t aware that he owed his former agency the funds until UTA filed suit against him in LA Superior Court on May 9, sources say. The money was from part of Faison’s run on the NBC and later ABC comedy, as well as the $60,000 payment he received from The Law pilot back in 2010.

After being informed about the case, Faison contacted UTA and paid the full amount immediately. The actor also fired his business manager over the matter. UTA will withdraw its complaint against Faison next week.

“UTA represented Faison as an actor for nearly a decade during which time UTA negotiated a lucrative deal for Faison to perform on the hit series Scrubs, which he has appeared on since 2001. Faison paid commissions due to UTA through part of Scrubs season 9, and then, for no reason whatsoever, suddenly stopped making payments. Faison has not only turned his back on the people that helped slingshot his career, but on his contractual obligations to those people,” said the 10-page suit.

Hmm, it looks like when it comes to his finances, Mr. Faison is simply, “Clueless.”